How to Attract the Attention of OEMs

A technical sales engineer’s challenge is that they are often trying to sell their products or services to an OEM customer, which requires a different approach. By utilizing proven strategies, you will know how to attract the attention of OEMs.

For technical sales engineers who want to sell to ideal clients like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our team has put together a list of tips that will make you stand out to your target audience.

Build a Strong Network of Contacts in the OEM Industry

Building your network within the industry is still an important sales strategy that will never go out of style. Referrals, getting in touch with potential leads through shared contacts, and building relationships will always be important building blocks of sales.

In addition, manufacturers often prefer working with suppliers that they’ve heard of or were referred by a trusted source. One way of attracting an OEM’s attention is by reaching out through a common contact then making sure you regularly connect with them after. Building a solid high-level network should be a constant focus.

Research Who the Decision-Makers Are

An important part of any complex sales cycle is doing your research. This includes research to find out who calls the shots in the companies you are targeting. Knowing who the key decision-makers in the organization and learning what their specific needs are essential.

Often, it’s the CTO, CIO, or company vice president who will make the final decision when it comes to purchasing new equipment or implementing a unique solution. When you know who the decision-makers are, you can think of different ways to approach them and start a conversation with them.

Build Relationships with Key People in the Organization

When you’ve identified the decision-makers and key people in an OEM, it’s time to build relationships with them. Work on making a good impression and learning the lingo of the manufacturing world.

Trust is an important part of working with people. You should also put time and effort into creating and maintaining this trust, even before making your first pitch. A sale will not push through without trust between two parties, period. Building a relationship will also make you top-of-mind when a manufacturing company is looking for new suppliers or products.

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Know the Product You Are Selling Inside Out

For technical sales engineers, this should go without saying, but it’s worth repeating. The decision-makers and upper management of original equipment manufacturers know what they need and keep themselves updated on the latest technologies and trends in their industry.

To attract their attention successfully, you need to be an expert on the products you are selling. If you aren’t, your competitors will be. Besides, potential clients won’t trust you and the products you are offering.

Know Your Competitors

When you are trying to attract an OEMs’ attention, you’ll need to learn as much as you can about their business and the industry. This includes researching your competition. The different industries of OEMs are usually specialized.

Find out who else is offering similar products and solutions. Keep an eye on your competitors and try to find out what they have that you don’t. This sales strategy will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and make you and your company stand out.

Have a Strong Online and Social Media Presence

Nowadays, OEMs take it upon themselves to be updated with the latest technology, the newest innovations, and relevant solutions for their organization. Procurement managers and decision-makers do not wait around for technical sales engineers to reach out to them.

If potential customers have a problem that needs a solution, they already know what they’re looking for and take it upon themselves to find the best solution for what they need. This is why companies must have a solid online and social media presence to attract manufacturers.

OEMs do their initial research online. To stay competitive, you need to ensure that your company can be found when relevant keywords are searched. Use channels such as YouTube and LinkedIn to provide value to companies.

Be an Expert in the Field

Being an expert is related to the previous strategy, but it goes beyond just having an online presence. Once a potential client finds you online, you and your company should be seen as experts in the field.

How do you do this? Regularly post case studies, hold relevant webinars, create white papers, and keep an updated blog. Offline, when you or your organization is invited to attend trade shows or be a resource speaker, accept the invitation.

Demonstrate your expertise and experience through the relevant and insightful content you share. If prospects find your content helpful and valuable, they will see you as a valuable resource for information. Manufacturers will want to work with the best in the field, and you must establish this reputation. This is one strategy that will definitely catch the attention of OEMs.

Align Marketing and Sales Teams

Lastly, make sure everything your sales team and marketing team are aligned. From marketing strategies, messaging, value proposition to visuals and copy, all of your marketing activities need to be in sync.

The sales team should deliver to customers what the marketing team promises and support marketing efforts. Your content is essential in attracting the right audience and keeping OEMs as your potential customers.

OEMs are ideal buyers for technical sales engineers. You’ll need to employ several strategies to attract them. Spark interest in yourself and what you’re selling. Make an excellent first impression and then carefully build a trusting relationship. To close a sale, it is not enough to use one strategy.

Find the Right Balance

You’ll have to use several methods to make an impact. It takes time and effort to get the right balance of sales strategies. However, when you close that big sale, thanks to the various strategies you used, the end result will always be worth it.

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