Top Technical Sales Careers

Salespeople are the lifeblood of every industry because, without sales and profits, no company would exist. Because technology is changing so rapidly, companies realize that if they want to keep a competitive edge, they have to change their sales practices by utilizing the knowledge of an expert sales team.

A sales engineer is more than a salesman. They are the link between customers and the product. They must know their product inside and out-from how it functions to the science behind what makes it work.

Sales engineers are highly sought after because they require you to apply your technical knowledge with sales skills. You are the technical voice in the sales process.

If you visit Linked In and search for Technical Sales job postings, there are over 100,000 results. For entry-level technical sales, you will find 25,000 job openings.

As technology advances within industries, the need for high-quality technical sales representatives rises. Companies are desperate for talented individuals who can be the technical authority while anticipating their customers’ needs and making sales.

Top Technical Sales Engineer Jobs

The title and the role of a technical sales engineer will vary from company to company. In addition to searching for Technical Sales Engineer roles, the following are also titles that require both technical knowledge and sales experience.

  • Sales Engineer
  • Engineering Solutions Consultant
  • Engineer Inside Sales Representative
  • Field Applications Engineer
  • Application Engineer Sales
  • Engineer and Solution Sales
  • Engineers Systems Sales
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Support Application Engineer
  • Manufacturing Sales Representative
  • OEM Sales Manager

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for sales engineers is $103,900.

Background and Qualifications for Sales Engineers

When it comes to technical sales, your background is your credibility. Leverage your technical knowledge and take advantage of the opportunities to apply your skill set to advance your career faster and earn more money.

Common Backgrounds of Technical Sales Engineers

  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Machining
  • Fabricating

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Employers of Sales Engineers

There are many opportunities to choose from when it comes to a technical sales career. Some of the highest-paid industries for sales engineers include:

  • Electrical
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Aeronautical
  • Biomedical

Technical Sales Benefits and Job Perks

Your value to any company is the knowledge that you bring coupled with your ability to sell. Many companies offer great incentive programs with full benefits along with

  • Base Salary + High Commission Rates
  • Large Sales Territories
  • Potential to Move Up

Technical Sales Engineer Skills

When transitioning from a career as an engineer, for example, to a sales engineer, many of your current skills are transferable skills, such as the ability to problem-solve and strategic thinking.

However, you will also need to build close relationships with customers, identify, target, and close leads and offer technical solutions.

These types of careers will require you to know how to perform product demonstrations, make sales calls, analyze competitors in conjunction with other job responsibilities.

As a technical sales engineer, your job is to close the gap between the product and the sale.

Regardless of background, having the ability to sell and work with companies is essential to success at any level.

Technical Sales Work Environment

You will work with a variety of people such as engineers, contractors, service technicians, and facilities managers.

Like most sales positions, some travel may be required. You will likely visit manufacturing facilities, labs, job sites, and board rooms.

Job Application Tips

If you can perform half of the job duties listed, apply for it. Don’t be deterred from applying even if you don’t have the experience they are seeking. Companies can be overly ambitious when posting entry-level positions but require five to ten years of experience. If this happens, it’s usually because HR has copied and pasted the job description from another job posting listed by a competitor.

But if you have the technical skills, don’t let the lack of sales training hold you back in your career.

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