Finding a Job as a Technical Sales Engineer

Sales engineering is perhaps one of the most diverse fields in the engineering industry. For one, a sales engineer is responsible for knowing the complex scientific principles behind all their company’s products and services.

Plus, they are expected to be great sales communicators. To be effective in the job, a technical sales engineer must be a people person and have a knack for closing the deal.

So here, we have rounded up the best tips to help you kickstart your career as a sales engineer.

Challenges When Applying for Technical Sales Positions

When you combine technical knowledge with sales skills, you are off to a great career start. Due to the flexibility and its great incentives, many engineers consider delving into this field.

The only problem, though, is finding the right job opportunities. Since companies tend to be very particular about this role, it can be challenging to find the right fit as a sales engineer. You need to know where to start and use the available tools and resources to your advantage to stand out above the competition.

Expand Your Circle via LinkedIn

Expanding your network is the most underutilized resource of employment when looking for a technical sales engineering job. When you grow your online network via LinkedIn, it is reverse engineering the employment system.

LinkedIn is the optimal platform for attracting the right opportunities through the right key persons. Since most job openings are posted online now, use this to your advantage.

Connect with Acquaintances

Do not make the mistake of only making connections with people that you work with now or have worked alongside in the past. Connect with your acquaintances as well via LinkedIn.

This will help you expand your network and deepen your connections with other people in the same industry.

Connect with Other Technical Sales Engineers

If you already have work experience from other engineering roles, then connect with the people in the same field. Chances are they are connected to someone that can put you in contact with a person who has influence at your ideal company or role.

Reach Out to a Variety of Roles

Meanwhile, do not stop with friends and past co-workers. Reach higher. Do not shy away from connecting with different people such as business owners, CEOs, VPOs, people from operations, purchasing, designs, and tech.

Remember that a huge market is a great magnet. Choose people who are working for corporations who are in an industry like yours.

As you are making connection requests, this does not mean that you can just blindly start connecting with random people. Your connections still need to be genuine and relevant.

Develop Relationships

As you make connections, you want to focus on building relationships to establish your profile in your field of interest. This can make you a more suitable candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

The recommended number of connections is around 500-1500 people from different fields.

Increase Engagement

Once you already have a growing network of people, the next goal is to increase your engagement with them. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for advancing your career, so make the most out of it.

You want people to get acquainted with your name professionally. Share posts to your page and leave meaningful comments.

Routinely Update Your Profile

Naturally, potential employers will scan your profile before hitting that accept button. And so, you want employers to see your best online presence. Most people are going to learn about you by skimming through your profile and reading your headline.

To get their attention, you need to keep your profile up to date, emphasize your achievements and work experience, all while still being concise and interesting. Your LinkedIn profile should not be written like a resume, though. Use this space to build your personal brand show off who you are and what you value as well. Build a solid LinkedIn Profile, and you can pique the interest of companies and hiring managers.

Start your journey in growing your personal brand and learn insider tips and strategies on how to get employers to recognize you.

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Increase Visibility with Keywords

There are several ways to increase your LinkedIn visibility, but the easiest way is to use keywords. Like Google and other social media platforms, people can search LinkedIn via keywords.

Consider the role and industry you are looking to join and put keywords in your headline and the about section related to that field.

Leverage LinkedIn About Section

Speaking of the about section, you can add keywords in your job titles or include relevant keywords in this section of your profile.

For example, you could state, “I am deeply passionate about working in manufacturing, particularly in the production of infrastructure and heavy equipment.” Then back the statement up with relevant experience.

This gives you a more personable impression while subtly emphasizing your strengths while attracting the right people in your network.

Ask for Endorsements

Make sure to ask for endorsements. These work like recommendations in a resume. They can also further increase your chances of getting hired.

An endorsement is a way you can back-up what you have stated in your profile regarding your experience. It serves as social proof and reassures the profile viewer that you are who you say you are.

Reach Out to Classmates and Alumni

Beyond LinkedIn, if you are a fresh graduate, try to expand your network through classmates, professors, and engineers who have graduated before you. This same strategy even applies if you graduated from college twenty years ago.

Utilize your circle of people from school and get to know the people they know.

Attend Webinars and Seminars

Attend online seminars and learn more about a particular industry in sales roles that you are aiming for. Gain all of the knowledge that you can. Meet as many people as possible and then build connections from there.

Develop Product Knowledge

If you already have a company in mind that you want to work at, then take the time to research the products that they make and sell. Learn everything you can about them, so you already have a solid foundation when you do get that interview.

This also looks great to the company because, in their eyes, you are saving them money if they don’t have to spend the time with additional training and getting you up to speed.

Stop Blasting Generic Resumes

If you are still searching for a job through LinkedIn, stop mass sending resumes. Instead, try building a solid profile first. By expanding your connections, an opportunity can present itself when it is most unexpected.

Also, make sure that you are sending resumes that are tailored to a specific company and a particular role that highlights your skills specific to the position. As a technical sales engineer, you need to demonstrate you have the problem-solving and interpersonal skills and the selling abilities to meet responsibilities associated with the job.

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